For those who dream of quality experiences with wildlife and with the mountains, fields and streams of the outdoor world, Guides and Outfitters provide a key link to getting the most from our outdoor time—providing know-how, access, equipment and on-the-ground experience.

Contact Information
Camp Albrecht Acres of the Midwest
Address: P. O. Box 50
Phone: 563-552-1771
Fax: 563-552-2732
Organization Type
Camp Albrecht Acres of the Midwest is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that relies solely on fund raisers, donations, grants and camper fees to operate. Any and all of your donations are tax deductable.

Mission Statement
It is a board mandate that all campers must be provided the opportunity to reach their highest potential according to their unique individual abilities. To that end, a talented and dedicated staff is recruited internationally for each camping season. Each must possess special skills in the area of human services, special education, recreational and physical therapy, psychology and/or behavior disorders.

Recreational programs promote socialization and physical development and concentrate on motor skills, sensory awareness, skill development, enhances self-esteem and emotional growth. In addition, innovative programs are created to serve the special needs of the severely and profoundly disabled.

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