For those who dream of quality experiences with wildlife and with the mountains, fields and streams of the outdoor world, Guides and Outfitters provide a key link to getting the most from our outdoor time—providing know-how, access, equipment and on-the-ground experience.

Contact Information
Kamp Kiwanis
Address: 9020 Kiwanis Road
Phone: 315-336-4568
Fax: 315-336-3845
Organization Type
Kamp Kiwanis is owned and operated by the New York District Kiwanis Foundation

Mission Statement
It is good for children to get an education in the outdoors, experience environmental awareness, have an away from home learning experience. Kamp also means lots of fun. New York District Kiwanians believe that ALL children should have an opportunity to experience camp life.

Kamp Kiwanis serves youth and individuals with many forms of disabilities and health impairments.

Located about 9 miles from Rome, New York, in the Town of Taberg, on Kiwanis Road.

Main Office