Field Dressing of Big Game

Make sure game is dead & properly tagged according to state laws before you begin field dressing

  • Secure animal on it's back by using two large rocks or logs under shoulders & under hip
  • Using a sharp lock-blade or sheath knife, carefully remove sex organs of male animals (since they may taint the meat) - Note : In some jurisdictions these must stay attached as evidence of sex - Check local game laws
  • Starting between hind legs,cut down to pelvis and around anus - then turn knife blade up & cut to breast bone as shown, being careful not to puncture intestines or stomach
  • Tie intestine vent closed, reach in & cut thru windpipe as far up inside neck as possible -cut anything else holding entrails
  • Lay knife down, roll animal to one side, grasp windpipe with both hands & pull hard, stripping entrails from body cavity