Archery Field Safety

If you lose theblood trail, start searching in ever widening circles from the last sign. Deer will often double back and you may find sign in a completely different area.

If the Deer Runs Off When Hit

for at least an hour if possible
before crossing an obstacle

Hits outside the heart/lung area require a longer wait - 4-6 hours is a good standard. Then begin blood trailing the animal using these techniques:

Bend down • Kneel down • Look closely

You have the responsibility to do your best to recover every animal you hit

Take a compass bearing on the direction you last saw the animal go

Look for blood on grass, rocks, leaves and trees

Don't forget to look for tracks or tramples grass as sign

Carrion eaters, magpies, ravens or vultures may give away a dead animal's position

Mark sign as you find it to get a line-of-sight perspective - Never give up on a blood trail until you've made every effort to find the next drop