Be Safe! Be Legal! Be Ethical

Responsibilities to Consider:

To Oneself:

  • Never lose self-control
  • Always be careful, capable and courteous

To Other Hunters:

  • Never be rude or hog shots
  • Never drink alcohol or use drugs before or while hunting
  • Always offer to share the work and any game meat taken

To Non-hunters:

  • Never display dead game in or on vehicles when traveling
  • Always be courteous and be aware of how your image might affect non-hunters

To Landowners:

  • Always secure permission
  • Always take care of landowner's property and equipment
  • Always be considerate

To the Resource:

  • Always learn as much as possible about wildlife
  • Always take care of private and public lands
  • Always practice or work with conservation efforts
  • Understand and obey the hunting laws
  • Repot hunting violators