These outdoor women are recognized in the outdoor community for their longtime contributions and accomplishments in representing today's outdoor woman.

Lynn Boykin (deceased)
Boykin was elected as the first woman president of the NWTF in February 1995. She was a member of the organization for nearly two decades and served on the national board of directors for 10 years, prior to her death in 2000. More

Peggy Vallery
Meeting Peggy Vallery for the first time, one could readily accept the fact that she is past president of the Tucson Opera Dames and served on the Arizona Opera Company's Board of Directors. What you might not be able to believe is that she is an accomplished hunter and conservationist who is highly respected in the hunting industry. She has hunted all over the world in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America and is a true ambassador for women hunters everywhere. More

Sherry Crumley
Sherry Crumley of Buchanan, Va., started hunting only 13 years ago. Her dad had taught her how to shoot growing up, but it was her husband, Jim, who first took her hunting. The story goes that in the spring of 1986 Jim asked her to go turkey hunting with him to watch the sunrise and look at wildflowers. But hearing a turkey gobble changed her life. More

Suzie Brewster
Suzie Brewster owns her own consultant company in Washington, D.C., and is chairman of the Washington Women's Shooting Club, which she helped found in 1994. She is an avid hunter and firearms instructor. More